fountain pen

I want to buy one more fountain pen.

I have one of Platinum, so I want to buy one of another manifucture.

I want to change

I always spend a lazy life when I have nothing to do.

If I have something I should do.

commutimg time to school

We usually feel tired when we take a train for along time.

But, if I read a book in a train, I feel the time passes faster than without reading a book.

Change My Attitude

The autumn turm starts in my university from tomorrow.

The aim of this turm is getting B and over in whole classes.

Thus, I'll make efforts day by day.

Japanese Summer Resort

I went to Karuizawa for two days.

There are some banners in Karuizawa.

They advertise the holding the summit conference.

sleep cycle

There are ninty minute cycles when we sleep.

They re said REM (rapid eye movement) sleep amd non-REM sleep.

We generally dream in REM sleep.

daily on trip

I've already traveled in Paris, Hawaii and Viena.

Then, I traveled in Indonesia this summer.

It was my first time to visit to a developing country, so it was so great experience for me.